In my opinion ,Beach Fish market is one of many co. that Dennis Landriault has to conduct criminal activity. The radio stations have never been in operation and are used to comit investment fraud and their has been several people riped off so far with 2 judgements placed against Morgan Logan Radio. n The new con game now in operation is called Beach Fish Market,Pompano Beach Fl. Dennis and Terry lynn Craft will write worthless checks for their product and sell the product for a 50% or more profit and refuse to pay the vendor. In my case I sold them 700lbs of fresh stone crab,$10,688.00 I got a NSF CHECK.n They sold the product retail for $18,000.00 or more. This was a C.O.D. transaction. No terms, check on del. Many pormises to pay, all lies. Demand letter to pay, they promise to pay, just more lies. Sent to collection agency, promise to pay, just lies, called the state attorney office and now in the process of criminal charges and other legal action.n Many people have been victims of this sociopath con artist Dennis e. Landriault and his partner in crime Terry Lynn Craft. Dennis has a long history of bankrupt business and walking away a richer man.n Dennis is native of Canada and one day I am sure he will return to his home land after ripping off all the Americans he can, lets hope the justice system is still alive and well, and not slow and blind. Terry is his 60 yr. old girl friend who sell’s real estate in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. for Rutenberg Realtyn Terry has been warned that, Dennis will leave her when his time runs out and Terry will be left cold. She will be in a lot of trouble and Dennis will not care what happens to her in the end. She was advised to turn Dennis into the police and come clean while she still has a chance.

2781 e. atlantic blvd. pompano beach, Florida United States of America


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