Someone from this company, acting on behalf of this company and/or impersonating this company, is sending out fake invoices to homes asking for payment to be made. I have never had this company at my home, but I received an invoice for almost $600 to cover Labor & Materials. When I called the number for them listed on the internet(because no contact number was listed on the invoice I received), it will only let you leave a message so they can call you back. I did receive a call back within about 20mins from a woman named “Jessica” who asked me for the Invoice #, when I gave her the invoice #, she then asked me for the amount due and a description of the work performed. Hello, it’s your Invoice that you sent to me; you tell me what work was “actually” performed and how much I supposedly “owe” your company, shouoldn’t you have that info available based on the Invoice # you asked me to give you? Well, she would not tell me anything other than she would need to look into it and get back to me, but only after she called me obtuse for not giving her the information regarding the amount due on the invoice or the description of the work performed. The physical address on the invoice looks to have belonged to the company at one-time, large sign still out front, but it’s definately not a plumbing company. in fact after further research, it appears that the original owners of this business are actually both deceased. Not sure who is running the company at this time, but beware of invoices showing up in your mail asking for payment to be made.


Name: Beall’s Plumbing Inc.

Country: United States

State: Arizona

City: Phoenix

Address: 2117 E. Indian School Rd.

Phone: (602) 957-2056