Keep the pressure on this thief, she is still stealing money from those who work hard for their money. This %$&&[email protected]@^ sleeps in until noon and gets up and does nothing all day. The only thing she thinks about is the fast money. Hey why not she got away with this for a number of years, I mean over 10yrs and why stop she has never been charged, so when the go is going good and you don’t have to break a sweat to get money well lets go for it. Hey it is easy money and she knows she will not be charged. Why because no one has gone all the way to get the attention of the police, and the media – that would be a great story and I am sure they will jump at this, as she has done it for over 10yrs and has lived a great life, the only thing is she has nothing to show for it The money goes in her stomache and bingo. Put the pressure on her make her life living hell. I know she is always moving from town to town. Keep the pressure on her and make her life living hell like she has done to you. Lets all bring her down together and all of use will sit in court to watch her grin from ear to ear because she will think she can not be charged. If we all phone the OPP in B.C in all the towns she has lived in I am sure the police will have to do something. I believe it is worth the drive for those who live close to B.C to take a drive down there and look her up in the phone book. Keep the pressure on her and on the police as the more pressure we put on them then their will have to do something. Don’t give up her time will come and I will be sitting right behind her. nPat blieves she is above the law, well it is time to show her she is nothing but a low life thief and her time has come, let her face the judge and let himher wipe that grin from her face. Most or all of us will not see a penny of the money we have lost but I am sure it is well worth watching her go to jail for the rest of her life. Let her life be the long and slow behind the bars. I will not say how much money she got off of me, crying over the phone and I feeling sorry for her and now I have to pay back a lot of money on my credit card. Famous saying I promise I have a chq. in the mail and will sign it over to you, guess what the first move was done in B.C – Chilliwack, MapleRidge, Surrey last know address by time this is sent out she will have moved again. All I know she will not leave B.C as she knows she is busted back in Ontario. So lets get her before she does a big move. Please call, write do whatever you can to get the attention this case needs, it is well over 4million dollars and climbing. nJoel and the gangnMapleRidge, British ColumbiaCanada

Surrey, British Columbia Canada

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