I am an AKC Breeder of Merit of Doberman Pinschers & first contacted Bearside via text and then left a voice message…I did not receive a reply. They never called or sent a text response. I sent an email asking about their puppies. Very quickly I received an email from someone using the name Thomas Stephan, saying he was from Georgia. Everything in the email seemed valid (actually sounds like some of my correspondence and mine is Very real) but immediately the $800 price was WAY off and the grammar was not correct (but we all have typos). I asked for the Pedigree and Health Testing Results from the Sire & Dam. Same day, This is the email response that I received: "I don’t send pedigree and papers via email. I will have to mail them to you or when you come for pick up". My reply: "Well I would like to know more about the puppies before I answer a bunch of questions. I will need to have the Sire and Dam information and Health testing before I will know if I am interested. The pictures of the puppies are beautiful but all puppies are beautiful. I am most concerned about the long term health and condition of a puppy that we plan to bring into our family. I have never heard of a breeder that will not supply the Name, Pedigree and Health testing result of the Sire and Dam of a litter to a potential forever family. What is your physical Address so I will know where the puppy would be located?" NO RESPONSE back from them. The next day I cut and copied claimed victories & information directly from their website and said this: "**Obviously From your website…. It is a bit disturbing that you will not provide any of the information that you are advertising. If all of this is true, I would think you would be very proud of it and want to share as often as possible." That was over a month ago…no reply…I really didn’t think they would respond because they knew I was calling them out.I am only reporting this because I hope this will help someone else and prevent this individual from scamming someone else & hopefully catch and prosecute for fraudulent behavior & stealing from innocent individuals/families!I never received images via email or text, I only saw what they had posted on their website…they have some nice pictures on the website.