Beau Derma Stole $89.95 out of my checking account got Raji who speaks no english supervisor will call me didn’t i read fine print santa Ana California!!. I went on what was supposed to be a Dr Oz website signed up for trial $4.95 BeauDerma in August.I was called from my bank as checking account overdrafted from 2 unauthorized charges of $89.95 one from this company.When I called I got a man who spoke broken english at best named Raji who came saying didn’T you read the small print.I asked for physical address of company he won’t tell me.I asked for my debit card to be credited as not agreed to he refused,I asked to speak to supervisor they are all busy.Sounded like 20 other people in cubes next to him having same conversations.This company is a scam and needs better business to shut them down.

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