Beamount Referrals Broker Scam


My Complaint: I was approved for a $5000 personal loan from Beaumont Referrals obtained from one of their lenders out of Ontario Canada – Deon Lewis. I received a Promissory Note to sign and email back. Because my credit I was told I would get 10% interest rate making my monthly payments $161.40 per month but I had to wire 3 months in advance which would make my first payment due on Jan. 2014 – Oct. 2017. I wired $484.00 supposedly to my lender: Deon Lewis company in Canada and was asked to take out a $1,500 insurance policy in case of loss of job, layoff, etc. and was asked to wire half of the insurance $750 to Deon Lewis in Canada and Beaumont would cover the other $750 which I did. I was told by Victor Riley after I wired the $750 that he made a mistake and Beaumont Referrals could not make the $750 payment on the insurance because they were a Broker company. I demanded a full refund which they said I would receive in 14-30 days certified check to my home and would receive an email on Monday, 9/9/13 of which I did not receive and I sent them an email requesting full refund immediately with no response. Now the phone number is always busy with no responses.


My Demand: Full Refund including 2 separate services charges Western Union to Canada ($40 and $66)