I hosted a “spa party”” at my house. Hayley Skladanek was the BeautiControl consultant there. Party was great. However

I started getting complaints from the people at my party about their orders. Apparently

Hayley had signed two of the girls up to be consultants without their knowledge. The two girls were bombarded with phone calls and emails on how to be a BeautiControl Consultants for weeks. It took them 4 weeks to get their refund. nHayley cashed all of our checks before submitting the orders and she would give us our refunds. I ordered a MicroDerm Abrasion skin set that came with a brush for your face. When I received my order

the brush was used! nI confronted her and she called me a drunk. She has yet to give all the refunds and orders to several other girls. I called BeautiControl and they have not done anything to reprimand her. In fact they claim that they are merely a supplier to the consultants and furthermore

these consultants do not have follow their return policy. nI have filed a complaint against them for misrepresentation. These independent consultants come into our homes and give us their sale’s pitch on what Beauticontrol is and how they honor the 30 days money back guarantee. Yet