Complaint: I was lured into this add that had a Macy’s Logo atating that some Macy’s are going out of business and you can purchase this skin care product at a discounted price, they charged you 4.95 for shipping and handling then you get this email that order has been placed but then I read the conditions stating that the product is on a trial basis they you will be charged 98.98 per month after the 14 days. I immediatly cancelled the order and they charged my card 38.77 dollars for the cancellation. Then I noticed on my card this month another 98.97 charge so I called them to ask why they are charging me because I cancelled and I did not even receive their product, the customer service representative insisted that the product was sent and that I was to contact UPS or USPS with her tracking number and locate this material I told her that I had already cancelled the same day I placed the order and she did not care and hung up on me, fortunately I was able to cancel the charges with my credit card.

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