Complaint: I gotta tell ya’ll, do NOT do business with ANY of the Beck Auto Stores in Palatka, Florida. Now understand, this is a tough thing to accomplish as the HTIC (Head Thief in Charge) Breck Sloan (*sp) owns every store in this town. Chevy, Ford, Nissan…yeah, that thief owns them all and claims he owns the sheriff. Hmmm. I have been lied to, led on, ripped off SO BADLY by these thieves and evil pieces of scum I am seriously considering suing them. I realized, finally, I’d been stupid enough to pay for multiple repairs- for the same darn issues – and I have had enough. Just enough! Took me a long time as they preyed upon me having had health issues. No joke. Well, trick or treat, Beck. Repairs on my car? That I purchased brand new for 54K in 2006 have far exceeded the cost of my vehicle plus all the external work done to maintain its glory through the years. Come to find out yesterday – after my car just…STOPS. IT JUST STOPS. BAM, those creeps have not repaired my beautiful car as they assured me recently – by far the most expensive “work”” ever done. The car just STOPPING has happened on the interstate at 70 mph as well as here in Palatka. By the grace of God and inertia

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Address: I’m not dead because of this demonic crew of liars and thieves at Beck. Well

Website: coincidentally located closeby. Long story short – the entire car was supposedly completely rewired after being vandalized. This of course does not match Becks invoices or records. Gee How surprising! But when the other store took a look and invited me to see for myself? Those wires were never replaced. After that car being held hostage for a MONTH

Phone: it happened YET again yesterday in heavy traffic ay 45 mph – but in Jacksonville. The kindness of strangers kicked in