Becks Towing and Recovery Thieves, Crooked, Corrupt, Bad People Boynton beach, Florida!!. This is the most corrupt, deceiving, money oriented, rip off company on the map. They will tow your car without authorization and charge you astronomical fees. They will take your car if you have been in an accident and bring it to a unauthorized body shop where they get there kickbacks and if you try to get it out you will be charged thousands of dollars. They get people to sign false documents and claim they work with or for all insurance companies. They tow for Boynton beach and are under investigation by the police and feds. They will be closed down soon if we are all lucky. This is a family run business and they are all bad news. I had a 1300.00 storage and tow bill at a body shop that they brought bthe car to without my consent. I had to call the police to get it out and was informed they do this to everyone and they were being closed down. Stay clear of these people.
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