On 8/3/2017 I contacted BedandBreafast.com with the intent to book a reservation at Castle Garden Bed and Breakfast for 8/11/2017 thru 8/15/2017. When quoted $568 ,I declined The sales rep then offered to reduce the cost with a Free $100 gift certificate.I declined. He then said he could offer a$300 Free gift certificate-Thereby reducing the total cost for 4 nites to only $168. I accepted. After discussing this reservation with my spouse it became clear that it made no sense. I then phoned them to cancel thereservation–only 22 minutes after I had accepted the $168 offer 3 Minutes later I received an email showing that the entire $568 “sale”” had been cancelled. When we received our next statement from Capital One-We found that BedandBreafast had only cancelled a reservation fee of $168 but charged us $300 for one of the free gift certicates. The $100 gift certificate vanished into thin air. We did not order this gift certificate -we did not receive any gift certicate. We complained to Capital One and have sent them a copy of the email that showed that BedandBreakfast had cancelled the entire sale. Capital One is giving us a runaround. We get a different person each time we call. They want to agree with BedandBreakfast and stick us for $300 and close our appeal CapitalOne customer service is useless when you have the misfortune of being scammed”

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