This guy Joseph Elam who is sole owner and operator of Bee Removal of Houston is a real Buzz-kill. He will grossly over charge you, He will not provide an estimate as stated on his website. He will leave the worker bees behind on the initial day that he comes for removal and then he will come back in a few days and demand more money from you falsely stating that a new queen has moved in and now you have a new hive. When questioned about this practice and con job he will open a bee box on a person who is allergic and say “I’ve got the queen right here look at her!” Which by the way is a way of assaulting someone who he full well knew is allergic to bees. Furthermore this guy has no registration with the Texas Dept. to perform such duties. Long story short stay away from Joseph Elam Bee Removal Of Houston.


Name: Bee Removal Of Houston

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Houston


Phone: (281)907-3382