Beeler motor sports Sold me a car with $ 3000 down a 2004 Monte Carlo and I can’t get a title for my car that I can’t drive? Kalmazoo Michigan!!. Beelers motor sports in Kalamazoo the guy named Bob sold me a Monte carlo 2004 LS. since I had the car I’ve been unable to get a title or insurance or anything for my car and I’ve been stopped by the police. I was told they heard of beelers. I can’t drive the car with out the proper stuff for it. we don’t know weather to put flowers on it for its death or let the dog sleep on it and we demand some d**n amswes. it has caused mental anguish and stress can anybody help please help me. my name is Valerie e. I stay in battle Creek mi thank you for listening to my sad but true story.

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