bel-air auto care Paul cruz owner of bel-air auto care west los angeles, California!!. Paul cruz is running a dishonest buiness. while attemting to fix my dashboard light , this shop broke my emergency hazard light switch and super glued it back and failed to tell me that my hazard lights were no longer working . in addition I had a missing spare tire and my front tire was replaced with an old tire with wires sticking out. paul replaced the front tire with another used tire , and told me to bring my car back to him to fix the hazard lights. when the timing belt that he had replaced 8 months ago , went out after only 3000 miles or so , I towed my car to him after speaking to him about it , and he was to fix my hazard light that they broke and get me a spare tire and replace my timing belt, that should be under warranty for 50 to 60,000 miles. the next day I called paul and he said its been 8 months he is not going to replace my timimg belt , he dosnt want to fix my hazard lights

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bel-air auto care