Complaint Filed: I moved in on 8/31/17. For the past month my internet and cable have not been working properly. The problem lies within the management company and Bel Air Internet. They not only overcharge by charging all in the building $107 per month for BASIC DirecTV and BASIC Internet but have no idea how to fix the problems. | I have reached out to DirecTV who said they would love to send technicians but can’t as our building has contract. They also said they would love to give me discounts and free services for all the problems but again can’t as I will never see them. Something is not right that they can make all this money off us where there are so many promo deals for half the price. | When I contacted the business with my frustration the owner had the nerve to tell me it’s all my fault when I have photos and email copies showing it’s their fault. | Insted of fixing the problems they continue to point fingers.


Name: Bel Air Internet

Country: United States

State: California

City: Sherman Oaks

Address: 15301 Ventura Blvd, #D250

Phone: 818-449-2626