The largest bank in the Eastern European nation of Belarus recently launched its own cryptocurrency proprietary service for buying and selling digital coins. Belarusbank worked closely with White Bird to make this possible.

The services were launched today, and those interested will be happy to know that the buying and selling of crypto coins will be available by using Visa cards. For now, only customers from Belarus and Russia will have access to this feature. The bank has released statements containing plans for further expansion into other countries. Moreover, it also plans to expand the list of available cryptocurrencies. It also plans to add four fiats for purchases: US dollar, the Euro, Belarusian ruble, and Russian ruble

Belarusbank is owned by the state, with a 99.95% government share. The second player in the launch of the crypto services, Whitebird, is the only legal crypto market operator in the Commonwealth of Independent States. The bank and WhiteBird have been collaborating since 2018.

The launch of these crypto services has been expected since the bank’s chairman did reveal the Belarusbank’s intention on doing so last year.

At this time when the Belarusbank is launching crypto trading, many of its international platforms are deciding to leave the nation.  This is undoubtedly caused by the current protest against the long-standing Alexander Lukashenko, the only president the country has seen since 1994.

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