This is a complete scam advertised on MSN’s main page. and Action Pro White are the same people. They operate out of the same building. Here is the scam. | They offer a trial of their Teeth Whitening product for $1.50 plus shipping and handling (special promotion). Comes out to about $6.00. But if you do not cancel within 12 days they will each charge you an additional $120/mnth. Not only that but for you to cancel so that you do not receive these charges on your credit card it will cost you an aditional $38 and $9.50 for the two products, just to cancel!!! | My hope is that I can save someone for getting screwed in this scam. How companies are allowed to operate like this is mind boggling. I would assume that they have changed their names before.


Name: Bella At Home

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Las Vegas


Phone: 855-740-8914