Bella Gold Serum is sold with a very deceptive Internet advertising campaign that appears to offer a free bottle of Bella Gold Serum, if you pay the $4.95 shipping fee. In reality, you are billed $89.95 if you don’t cancel your order before the end of the 14-day “trial” period and then you’re billed another $89.95 every month for additional bottles, until you call and cancel. | The details of this scheme are not visible unless you scroll down the page and read the fine print, so many consumers miss the details of the offer and ,like me, feel angry, deceived and ripped off. | Bella Gold uses a variety of company names when they ding your credit card for nearly $200, making it difficult to spot unanticipated charges, unless you actively search for them. | One line item on my credit card statement shows a $89. | 95 charge from CTH SKIN CORP in California. Another line item on my credit card statement shows a $87.35 charge from MDM*YOUTHFULSKINCARE in Utah for a jar of Bella Gold Revitalizing Moisturizer that arrived inside the box with my initial “trial” order of Bella Gold Serum. | Another red flag is the fact that Bella Gold uses three different customer service numbers: One number was on the packing slip with the product, a second number was on the $89.95 line item on my credit card statement, and a third number was on the $87.35 line item on my credit card statement. I called all three numbers to confirm my cancellation and demand a refund and got the same spiel, so I assume they’re all tied to some kind of centralized call center. | All three customer service agents regurgitated the same script and refused to issue refunds, because, and I quote, “You ordered this product and agreed to pay for it.” | I did receive a return merchant authorization (RMA) number for the latest shipment, but saw another red flag when the customer agent told me to ship the product back to Utah, but an email conifrmation gave me an address in Florida. I called to confirm before I returned the box because this is another part of the scheme. if you return the product to the wrong address, they use that as another reason not to issue any refunds. | So far, my credit card company hasn’t been any help filing a formal dispute, or blocking payment. I plan to cancel this card so no additional charges are made without my authorization.


Name: Bella Gold Serum

Country: United States

State: Utah

City: Salt Lake

Address: 2351 S Decker Lake Blvd

Phone: 877-934-4681