Bellagio Cars South Florida Used Car Dealer From Hell—Scam Artist davie Florida!!. Purchased a car from here and put a very large amount down on it because I didnt want large payments. They were incredibly nice during the purchasing process. Was told that I had three month warranty on car. Within two weeks car was running hot and cutting off (BMW). Had to have a new water pump installed ($2300). When I called was told RUDELY that only thing under warranty was the engine and transmission. Window motor has gone bad and all 4 of the tires have blown out on me. Car will not crank at all..had to have it towed to local shop and told now that it needs $1500 worth of work. My mistake for being trusting and allowing these people to sell me a lemon…I havent had this car for 4 months. Do not make the same mistake as me…STAY AWAY FROM THIS LEMON DEALERSHIP

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