Failure to preform, answer emails or phone messages


My Complaint: In November, 2014 entered into a verbal agreement by telephone with this company to design and create an operational web site as an Amazon associate for a home web marketing business. Paid over $2,600 for this undertaking. Initially they appeared very professional, but over time after being juggled with new individuals each time there was email or telephone contact and lack of progress towards something positive I emailed my last contact and asked for clarification on a number of issues. I received no response after 3 attempts and phone messages left. At the same time I was contacted by a company that claimed they worked in conjunction with Bellamarketing advising that they did the back end work of establishing a web site on behalf of Bellamarketing but requested an investment of $5,000 for this work. Tried to contact Bellamarketing to verify and find out, if legitimate, why this had not been disclosed in initial discussions. Again silence. Sent Bellamarketing a final email and left a voice message that unless responded to, I would report them. Again nothing. Since then I have learned this company has an F rating with BBB, has only existed for a number of months and that the telephone number and address is virtual rather than actual. Bellamarketing has not lived up to their side of the arrangement and with failure to communicate, I consider I have been scammed by a fraudulent company.


My Demand: Refund my money