I started my journey to H*LL on Mother’s Day 2010. That is when I contracted Just Countertops in Spring, TX to put in granite counters in my kitchen. I was told that I needed to put 1/2 down for the purchase of the granite and the remainder when they finished the job. (READ THE CONTRACT) That is not exactly what the small print states. We settled on a color and the measurments and ‘templates’ had been done before I signed. I was excited to get this going and looking forward to my new kitchen! Three days later I got a call from ‘Christy’ I think…she said she worked for George and that the granite I had choosen was a popular color and was not available. She asked if I would take Uba Tuba as that was available and could be installed the following week. (one week past my original install date) I chose not to do that and wait on the granite I chose. I never got another call to tell me when the granite would be in. I called a week later and was told that it was still on ‘back order’ and would I consider the Uba Tuba. *she spoke to me as if this was the first time she had spoken to me. I told her no and that I really would prefer to have my money back if they couldn’t produce what I had contracted for. She asked if I would wait another week to get the granite I ask for to come in and I relented and said yes. BIG MISTAKE! After another week I relented again and went with the Uba Tuba because of the time already spent waiting. Then when they were suppose to show they called to say that George had a ‘family emergency’ and wanted another week. I agreed and waited till 5 pm that day to only have them show up with someone elses counter tops. I WAS LIVID! I called and got the run around from George. The next day my husband and I went to his store and had the ‘accomplice’ call him and my husband told him to give us our money back. He said that per the contract there were NO REFUNDS. We hope to take him to court. We lost $1950.00 and hope this helps others to avoid this flim-flam ‘boy’! Don’t waste your time with this guy! HE IS A LOSER AND SO IS HIS WIFE’S COMPANY BELLA CASA ON I10 @610. I went there to get my money since I had a Bella Casa contract in my hand. I was told to talk to George by Victor. He said George didn’t work there anymore and that he a Monica were splitting up. He said that he (Victor) was Monica’s new business partner and that he would find out why George was using one of their contracts. (I see now that Victor has been in the picture for a long time) I wrote the down payment check to Bella Casa and it was cashed at a mini-mart. I would think that is Fraud and would entertain any information anyone has on that while I am shopping for a lawyer.

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