I purchased two pairs of the same shoes in different sizes from bellissimabridalshoes.com to try on with my wedding dress. I tried both pairs of shoes on in my apartment (that had just been cleaned) and simply wore them in front of a mirror for about 10 minutes trying to determine which pair fit best. I brought the correct size with me to one bridal fitting and didn’t even put them on before my alterations contact told me that the glitter on the shoes would ruin the tulle at the bottom of my expensive gown – so back they went to bellissima bridal shoes. A couple of weeks later I received one of the pairs back from the site who claimed that these weren’t “unworn”” and had black marks on the bottom of the shoes and a black string (which was a part of the shoe itself) inside the shoe. I was able to LITERALLY run my hand over the bottom of the shoes to remove the “”black marks”” aka specks of what must have been on my floor? It was absolutely ridiculous that they claimed these could not be sold as new. They were nearly flawless. Every other shoe company in the world allows you to try them on in your own home (bellissima request that you do so on carpet which is a – ridiculous and b – impossible if you live in an apt in NYC where no one has carpet). They refused to let me return the pair of unworn shoes and therefore have stolen $250 from me. After much back and forth they have stuck to their claim of the shoes being worn and I’ll be refusing the purchase on my credit card due to a complete lack of rational customer service behavior. I can’t even begin to think of how many brides they have TAKEN COMPLETE ADVANTAGE of. Whatever you do – spend the extra money and order the same shoes from another site. They are out there!”

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