Bought a Rolex Datejust wrist watch from Ben Bridge Jewelers for $7000.00 from the El Cajon, California, store. Four days after purchase, the watch stopped and I took it back to the store. The saleslady who sold me the watch accused me of not wearing it all the time to keep it wound and I said I only took it off for a couple of hours but wore it constantly otherwise. Somehow they got it working and suggested I buy a $190.00 watch winder to keep it wound. Less than six months later, the date froze up and I took it back and said keep it. I made a stink and the manager ordered me out of the store. They sent it back to Rolex for repair and said it will take a three month turn around which will give me six months use during nine months ownership. nCharlienSan Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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