I was introduced to Ben Crozier by an associate who said he could help me obtain finance for my business. I travelled from Marylad to Miami Fla. There I met with this man who informed me me that I was right on time for a certain funding cycle, but in order to get placed on the scheldule I would have to place a $20,000.00 Dollar refundable deposit with him and his firm. He produced a contract which we all signed saying that I would recieve funding in one years time. It has now been three years, not only have I not been financed, but I was told that my deposit had been used up in his search for the right funder. I was also told that if I didn’t give him addictional funds, I could find myself in court for not following up with some folks he sent my way, people who were in no way prepared to do any kind of funding, and were also asking for payment from me. .

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