This man where to begin? I posted my homewrecker ERICA WOODRUFF from Colorado about a week ago. Well, I thought it was only fair to post him. This is my husband. I would do anything for this man I loved him with my whole being. He was with me through my cancer, but I guess he couldn’t stand the effects of the chemo. Well it put my body through the change at age 33. His selfish acts of not being understanding. I didn’t even understand why I didn’t desire sex at the time. Guess he had to go out and look for it. It’s so hard for me to write this. He was the love of my life and I thought he was my soul mate. Him and my brother were good friends and him to do this to my brother and me just killed me just as I thought she was my friend. || The week before I left I called both Ben and Erica out on the affair in front of my brother and they just both said we were crazy. Well a week later me and my daughter were gone. I love him and his boys. My daughter loved him too. He shattered more than just my life when he did this. Well he’s a lying cheating asshole that deserves all the misery he’s putting himself through. Now she’s pregnant and he says he’s not happy with her and doesn’t want her or a baby. We’ll that’s what he’s getting. || Have fun with that. You lost a true women. I posted a picture of him and the picture in the pink is her I also posted a picture of me it’s not the best of me but I’m in the black shirt.