Bendron Titan Trailers Defective Leaf Spring Welding Near Catastrophe Douglas Georgia!!. I bought a 16′ covered Bendron Titan trailer to haul motorcycles. Upon retuning from my first bike rally at Arizona Bike Week 2019 – a 500 mile round trip I noticed the the left front leaf spring bracket was hanging down. Jacked up the trailer to find the whole bracket broken loose from the frame. I’ve been welding for 30 years. Whoever the illegal alien was that tacked the brace in place forgot to weld complete beads on the three sides of the bracket to the frame – as was done on the right side bracket. Additionally, the same idiot tacked the left bracket 7 5/8″ further back from the front of the frame than the right side. God blessed me that the trailer didn’t collapse onto the axle at 75 mph on the interstate or the rear of the leaf spring didn’t puncture the floor of the trailer.

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