I have had a pre approval through lending tree which matched up with Beneficial State Bank. First if you go to a dealership and get the numbers ran but decide to not get the vehicle, in order to go look at another you have to apply all over again which is ridiculious. Once I found a car and realized that they emailed me and told me I call too much. It has been over a week and my approval is in cudl so I can’t seek other lenders but they will not release the loan to the dealer. I have given them every proof of income possible. Then they asumed what my position was at my job without asking and then will tell the dealer your private information. They act like your friend but are a horrible instatution, that approves you send you through so many changes and not release the approval.


Name: Beneficial State Bank

Country: United States

State: California

City: Berkeley

Address: 2925 WHEELER ST

Phone: 833.687.4376

Website: beneficialstatebank.com