I received a call this morning from a lady who works with the government and telling me that I’m approved for a Grant that’s non-refundable from doing a survey online for $9,200. I don’t know if I did a survey but I went along with it. She then tells me in order to have this process they have to receive a payment of $200 that’s refundable from Google Play Store gift card. So I then give them the numbers and then they tell me that there’s an activation fee for a reference number that was $800 and then tells me that they could pay half of it. So I go along with it and I purchase $400 for a Google Play card and then they tell me that one of the cards is not working. And I had made confirmation that the numbers were correct and still telling me that it’s not working. So now they keep telling me in order to have this process they want me to purchase another $400 just so I can get my money. And now I’m telling them that they screwed me over and I’m out of money I can’t buy anything else. And now they say they can’t help me anymore because I won’t pay the other $400 and that’s it I stopped receiving calls