Benjamin and Jennifer Turner Benjamin and Jennifer Turner sold a vehicle with bogus mileage on title Chandler Arizona!!. Benjamin and Jennifer Turner of: (((REDACTED))) formerly of: (((REDACTED))) Sold us a used 2017 Ford Explorer. When we tried to change the title into our name, it could not be accomplished due to a discrepancy between the mileage on the title and the actual mileage displayed on the dashboard’s digital display. Apparently when the Turner’s had the vehicle titled in Oklahoma, the odometer was read as 89004 miles instead of the actual 8900.4 miles. The Turners never had the correction done while they lived in Oklahoma. It would have easy for them to have a correction. Again, apparently when they moved to Arizona, they could not get the title transferred to Arizona because of the discrepancy. No agency will title a vehicle with a backwards number on the odometer. It was easier for them to sell the vehicle without making the buyer aware of

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Benjamin and Jennifer Turner