Benjamin Young, Otis Benjamin Young (full name), Ben Sworkit (Facebook), Obenyoung (Linked In) from Washington DC. Ladies stay away from this lying, cheating, con artist. He has been married and cheating on his wife for all 4 years of their marriage while living at home with her and their daughter (another baby on the way). Ben is a disgusting liar. He has hooked up with many, many women while married – lying to all (except for 1 woman who knew and had a 3+ year affair with him) and saying he is single. His lies include that he lives in an extra room in his friend’s house and that he lives in a home that his aunt owns. He has had one night stands, long-term relationships, a long term affair – all while married and all overlapping. He has cheated on his wife with AT LEAST 10 women. He will tell you about his first divorce and his older 2 kids for sympathy and to sound genuine, but he hides his current wife, daughter and baby. One woman he dated for 9 months. After 2 months he took a trip with her out of town to Miami. Then he handed her a bag of condoms and told her they didn’t need to use protection because he was faithful to her and in love. He had keys to her place and said he was moving in and if she got pregnant he wanted to keep the baby. This was all, while screwing plenty of other women – AND living at home with his wife. Even after he got busted for all of his lying and while his wife was on bedrest at home with their 3 year old daughter, he went out of the country to a wedding (in December 2018) with another woman who had no idea he was married (who he lied to for YEARS). He pretended to be single and went with this woman to a wedding where he met her entire family while his unsuspecting wife was at home on bedrest. He uses his sister’s illness (cancer) and father’s age/illness for sympathy from woman. This smarty documents all of his cheating and information about women in his phone and in an electronic journal. On Jan 27, 2019, he said about himself in text messages (he can’t spell): -Naming all the women he cheated on his wife with “God listing that out … I’m such a hoe.” -Forgetting one of their names “What the fuk was the name of the Latina chick. Gonna bug me. Not knowing a name feels extra hooish” -About how many women he cheated with “Don’t ask me my number. I just did a real extensive comb and I disgust myself” -“I really feel like a hoe” -“I had an affair and side chicks Way worse Emotional connection Physical wrecklessness I got issues” Yet after saying all this, he was still reaching out to other women. On top of that this man is almost 44 and still broke and renting a home and trying to get ladies to buy him stuff while pretending to be such a successful entrepreneur. He thinks he is so great because he was on Shark Tank and lost some weight. Well, don’t be fooled, he is just a lying, cheating, sick man who needs help.