I was a patient of Dr.Bennett DDS who is emplyed by Sauld Family Health Care in Brighton CO. for the past 3 year’s. I spent a great deal of my money being treated and having exams every year. | Recently I had an exam and was informed I had 11 large to medium cavities. I was shocked at this information. I went saw 2 other dentist outside of Salud and had a comprehensive exam. I had 12 cavities and there was no way in blood hell these developed over this time period. | I was informed by Dr. Bennett that she should have been more proactive and filled the cavities she saw instead of just keeping an eye on them REALLY? This is the reason I go to the dentist all the time in the 1st place. | It also was discovered that the work she performed on my teeth is inferior and needs to be replaced. I take good care of my teeth which these other 2 dentist confirmed. Apparently Dr. Bennett does not know what she is doing. | Several time when going into the office I have heard other patients as they were walking out comment ” These people do not know what they are doing “. I should have listened to them. | Sauld offers discount dental care. This does mean the dentist will discount you and your dental health. My 2 visits with these other dentist were outstanding compared to the work I had done by Dr.Bennett. | Please do not end up like me and seek another dentist. | I am in a horrible position thanks to Dr.Bennett.


Name: Bennett Lisa K DDS

Country: United States

State: Colorado

City: Brighton

Address: 1860 E Egbert St # 200

Phone: 303-655-4955