Whatever you do, DO NOT RENT FROM PAUL BENNETT or any of his Bennett Rental Properties. We had the WORST renting experience to date with him and his property. His properties are old, neglected, and infested with insects. The meager appliances included in most of his rental properties (ie stove, fridge, microwave) are so old that they barely cook food or keep food cold and are perpetually noisy. The main problem is the landlord himself; he is mean, old, aggressive, intimidating, and impossible to deal with. He does not care about you or your needs. nAll he wants is his money. I rented 3200 Wilmot Avenue Columbia SC from him for over 4 years. Always paid rent on time or early – NEVER MISSED. nThis duplex had fuel oil heat on my side that was severely malfunctioning (the other unit had natural gas heat)…so much that my neighbor that rented the other side of the duplex would call me to make sure i was OK and that the house wasn’t going to blow up when the heat came on. It literally shook the house and billowed thick smoke when it would initiate. All the walls were covered in black soot and when i moved out I had to replace my bed and sofas due to the stench of fuel oil. nI drove by today (4 months after moving out and the place is still vacant) and saw that the old heater was being removed…i guess it wasn’t “OK”” after all. i’ve attached a picture of it sitting in the driveway. nMr. Bennett (Paul) couldn’t have cared less and argued with me through all 4 winters that the unit was in tip top shape. There were many other issues

the heater was the worst. The kitchen floor was peeling up because of a defective leaking dishwasher that he refused to fix – he just told me not to use it. nThe stove only had 2 of the 4 eyes working. The shower plumbing was in horrible shape. And the list goes on and on. After a while i just stopped calling him to get things fixed – i would fix minor issues myself and pay out of my own pocket in order to NOT have to deal with this grumpy old fart! nHe comes off initially as a harmless old southern gentleman

but as soon as you run into any sort of an issue with him

he suddenly becomes the most unreasonable and impossible person I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. nHe dodges phone calls and does not respond to voicemails

and refuses to correspond via email or fax. Instead of listening to our complaints over the phone when we were finally able to reach him