My husband and I have a blended family with three boys, with our youngest son together only a year old. When our youngest son was born, I became a stay at home mother to take care of the family. I came from a very prestigious school and was always a career woman that loved to balance work and family. Now with a new addition to the family, we had to make changes and I sacrificed my career to be a homemaker for the meantime. So my husband transferred to the city which was an extra hour of commute. He worked as a Fitness Manager for a gym where he managed and hired trainers. He started working very long hours, leaving the house at 5:00 AM and returning home at 10:00. This became very stressful for us since he was never home to help me with our baby and household chores. Ever since he transferred to the new job in the city he started to become distant and violent. His phone would get messages at 4am from this person. I thought it was a guy, and he would say that it’s a client he trains early in the morning. During arguments he would become physically and emotionally abusive. Up until one day he became physically violent with me outside our home, I decided to move out with our kids in the meantime so I can get back on my feet. I did not feel safe around him during his outbursts anymore. || Living with my extended family for the meantime I struggled to find work, my husband would always say that he is working overtime and can’t watch the kids. I just thought he was working hard to pay off his debt. It became odd because he had extra money now that he didn’t have to worry about my expenses for a while until I moved back into our home. Little did I know I was kept in the dark! || A month later, he becomes very ill with a life threatening sickness. He was in a coma for week with septic and lung infection. I was by his side the entire time he was unconscious. The nurse tells me that there is a “girl” trying to get in the ICU. The nurse said she would not say her name but was acting like a girlfriend. So I walked outside with the head nurse, and there was this midget 5’0 blonde with crooked teeth and trying to use the intercom to get in the hall. She looked worried and nervous. So I look at her and asked who she was and what is her business here? She tells me, “Um I am just a co worker. I haven’t heard from him and I looked for him.” So I said his boss already knows so you have no business being here. Then she goes away. It was sketchy because we lived an hour from the city and for this idiot to drive up all the way here was a give away. || So….I walk back in the hospital bed with my husband all unconscious and can’t give me answers. I grabbed his phone and managed to unlock it and saw all her naked pictures and sexting on the phone! It turned out this whore was a membership clerk at the gym that HE hired and promoted as a trainer. This whore was a subordinate at work with a ghetto trashy background. I recognized her name because she was the one texting my husband 4am before many time! This is not the worst part! It turned out there was an extra line on our phone bill and I thought it was just an extra number. I called it and this whore answers! We were paying for her bill this whole time and she was attached to our plan without my knowledge! This gold digging piece of trash. The more I looked at my husband’s phone, they were having sex on my bed every weekend. His alarm had “sex cut off time”. I went back to the house and all her shit was on my son’s crib! Her dirty bloody underwear! Cup A bra and fishy smelling clothes and shoes were scattered all over my furniture! This whore was living in my house! Using my wine glasses, my furniture and made a piggery out of my son’s furniture. I confronted this trash troll and denied everything! When all her disgusting shit was everywhere! She even went on to say that she is also married! This STD loser! She then took herself off our phone plan before my husband regained consciousness. || When my husband woke up, all hell broke loose. I confiscated his phone and told him what I found out. He told me he was sorry for everything and begged to try again. Of course I was very angry but I knew he needed me at this time to recover. Here is the worst part! The following weekend I was ready to move back in, so I asked him how he was and he said his “Mom” was helping him. So I told him I would drop by later and did not hear from him for a while. He must have fallen asleep I thought. After dinner I came by the house went in our bedroom and there they were BUTT NAKED ON MY BED! This fucking whore was on my bed naked asleep like they had just had sex! I literally grabbed this whore’s hair out of my bed and wanted to rip her head to pieces. I was so traumatized and started crying hysterically. My home was turned into a whore house! My children’s furniture became a hamper with dirty STD infected clothes. As my husband and I argued downstairs, this rat whore locks herself in the bathroom. I pulled her hair so hard she almost went bald! She calls the cops! The cops arrive and my husband and I were like, we didn’t call the police. The police asked if there was anyone else in the house and my husband quickly denied and said NO. I yelled, yes there is a rat whore from his work that is upstairs who I caught living here and screwing my husband on my bed! So the cops made her leave. She told the cops that she thought my husband and I were divorced, when there were no papers ever filed! What a lying scum! She went on to say that she has been living there “on and off” for 5 months. Bitch can’t even do math, it has only been 2 months. || I exposed them at work. Bosses and HR. Husband gets demoted. She gets shamed and called out on a police report. Divorce and child custody filed. Domestic violence filed. Thanks to this LYNG, TRASHY, DUMBASS HOMEWRECKING TROLL named Bente Smart Geronimo, my husband’s reputation is ruined and our home is broken. She knew very well he had 3 kids and a wife at home. This piece of trash deserves to be called out. The audacity to use my home as a whore house. May this post haunt you for the rest of your pathetic life!