I went to this school 2008-2012. I was told that I get a schalorship and grants. Plus got loans that I borrow to the max and couldn’t borrow any more so they had to up my loans after I tried for the parent loans which my parent were Denied multiple time so they open grants and other types to help me and the. Turned around making me pay thousands of dollars out of pocket cause when I graduate and had a balance I wouldn’t get my bachelor degree till it was paid. I come from a low income family and was promised a lot of help. 6 yrs later still no job in field. Finally got something in mental health not health adminstratoin and after thousands of job applications still nothing in the health administration field.


Name: Berkeley College

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Woodland Park

Address: 44 Rifle Camp Rd

Phone: 973-278-5400

Website: berkeleycollege.edu