I called for a free sample of enzite and was told I got a free month if I paid for two. So i order it and before my 3 months was up they sent me 2 more months at full price without letting me that they were going to do that. I’ve tried to call and cancel it, but all I get is the auto system telling me to go to www.askberkeley.com and then they hang up on me. I went to the web address and got you. nSo far I haven’t been able to reach them, so I guess I’ll have to report my credit card stolen and get a new one so they can’t charge me for something that doesn,t work in the least bit. Their product is a total rip off and as a challenge I would take their product for a year to prove my p***s hasn’t changed what so ever. They say they will refund your money if thats the case after one year. nMy guess is that after one year they will change their name or go bk, with no intention of giving a dime back to anyone. Somebody needs to put a stop to companies like this! nGeorgenca, CaliforniaU.S.A.

www.berkeley.com Nationwide U.S.A.


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