This letter is to advise you of my concerns about your business practices. nI ordered a free sample of one of your products in or about July of 2004 and after reading the material I decided I did not want to take the product. nWithin a month (to my surprise) I received a package of the product, I had no idea why I received the product since I only ordered a free sample. I later learned that $70.00 was taken from my account. nI sent back your product unopened expecting to receive a credit; I did not follow up to see if I every received a credit until recently when I discovered 3 additional $70.00 dollar charges. nMy company transferred me from Arizona to Florida in late September of 2004 and I did request mail forwarding from the Post Office; and have been receiving forwarded mail. At no time have I received your product. If I had received your product it would have indicated there was a problem on your end and I would have contracted you to resolve the problem. Now I have no idea why your product has not been forwarded with other mail, as such I cannot be responsible for such failure. nThat being said I expect a complete refund of all charges to my account. If I do not receive a full refund of $280.00 (4 charges of $70.00) I will have no other recourse than to take additional steps to ensure the return of these charges. nPlease credit my account ASAP along with a return letter advising such. nEarlnOcoee, FloridaU.S.A.

PO Box 42635 Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A.

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