Don’t knock on the door during business hours you might get cussed out by the manager or whom so ever. They also pressure you to purchase readings online to get scammed even harder rather than speaking to someone face to face they know they can not hide from you in their building so that’s why the encourage this. They just want your credit card information instead of paying cash. They manager hurls insults at whom ever he You come in asking for a reading and get cussed out during normal business hours that THEY ADVERTISE! | Dont get ripped off here. even though there are some actual psychics there there are more idiots than actual psychichs. They want you to come in vounrable be it cuorious about classes or needing a reading so they can pounce on you be it steal your money or just put you in a bad mood. They go at you until you just cant take it any more mentally and emotionaly


Name: Berkeley Psychic Institute

Country: United States

State: California

City: Berkeley

Address: 1730 Solano Ave

Phone: 510-558-9450