I purchased tickets to Virginia and used Berkely Group to insure my ticket purchase. My schedule was clear for the trip, but an unexpected death of another soldier’s family member caused me to cover his duty so he could go home for the funeral. I sent Berkley Group this information, along with a statement from my Commander and a copy of the revised duty roster. In addition, before mailing the claim I called and told them the situation ahead of time. nThey said they deal with military personnel all the time and that they understood our positions. Weeks later, the claim of $327 came back denied with a one liner saying they “do not consider military duty an emergency or or justifiable reason to settle the claim””. After 17 years of service

after 3 wars

you’d think we would get more respect from a bunch of overpaid executives. This company is just another example of ungrateful big wigs that take advantage of so many people

to include American troops

just to further pad their pockets. nFortunately