Jamie Rillstone of Clark Summit, Pennsylvania showed me a property that could not be purchased. He basically atempted what’s called a “Bait and Switch” scheme where he showed me a property that I wanted to buy and then when it came time to buy it, it was not available. Come to find out later, he did the old Switcharoo or a Bait and Switch. Watch out for him, don’t deal with him, stay away from him. He’s a scammer! He will just waste your time. If you happen to get him as a Realtor, do yourself a favor and ask for someone else. He caused us a lot of heart-ache and wasted our time and money!


Name: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Country: United States

State: Oregon

City: Roseburg

Address: 1479 NW Mulholland

Phone: 541-673-1890

Website: www.berkshirehathawayhs.com/