Bernardo motors Dave Taylor Dave Taylor Bernardo motors STOL my car and sold it for 40000 and didnt pay the bank or me now facing criminal charges Internet!!. I trusted Dave Taylor to sell my 40000 dollar bmw645i and he sold it. Forged a registration to a new owner because he didn’t pay off debt to bank. The bank rules are no title release without full payoff. We agreed for Dave to get 500 dollars for his commission off sale. He lied to me about the sale amount as well. He also let me to believe for 8 months that my car had not sold yet until I was informed by a local BMW dealer someone else was driving my car with extended warranty. I have file with police and they discovered he did forge documents for a sale of my BMW and have arrested his for first degree larceny and forgery and misapplication of a vehicle. Don’t trust anything Dave tells you it’s always a lie and a story. People are coming out of the woodwork emailing to say it happened to them years ago. The state has nothing to shut him down for good. Now I hope they do. He has finacially punished me and other people. If you sue him in civil court good luck you will get nothing. This what Dave relies ons because he never shows up for court as I’m told. But now he got caught and is trying to blame his bookkeeper. She may have been a bad person but she was still there for months after the sale of my car. She has nothing to do with it DAVE. Dave needs to take responsibility for his mistakes. So advise don’t do any business with anyone named Dave Taylor or bernardo motors.

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