Bert Chasse is the landlord of a mobile home park located in Franklin, Maine called Spinsfield Commons. This mobile home park is located about 3+ hours from where Mr. Chasse resides. He took over the place approximately 7 years ago. Since he took the place over, he has done nothing but disregard every complaint that a majority of the tenants have had. The man is useless and doesn’t do a d*** thing unless he absolutely has to. There have been many times when a tenant reports an issue and he will say “what do you want me to do

I live 3 hours away!”” He has also been known to tell certain tenants that because they live here

they should do what they can to help him out…by this

he occassionally has tenants do things for him around the park simply because he can’t be bothered. Right now

we are in the middle of a water crisis. We’ve had an issue for quite some time and Mr. Chasse was fully imformed about it…. because of his neglect the pump to our water house crapped out and we are going on 3 days without water. Thanks to a concerned citizen