bertera dodge dishonest sales Internet!!. i went to bertera to see about trading my 2018 hyundai for a larger car. when i meet with the sales person, i told him upfront what i was looking for and informed him i owed more then what the car was worth. i also informed him i had no down payment, he said lets see what we can do. he got my credit score and told me they could get me into a larger car. with no down payment, he said they had one dodge they could offer, because it had large rebates and that would serve as a down payment. after looking and test driving the car, i decided to buy. So the finance process started. I got approval they showed me what they were giving me for my old car, interest rate on new loan term etc. being later in the afternoon on a saturday they said delivery on the car would happen on monday. since i choose to get new plates for my car (old plates were fading) they told me just leave my car with them, they would give me a loaner for the weeke

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bertera dodge