Complaint: I purchased a refurbished MacBook for my sonu2019s birthday, unaware of their 15 day return policy, and also not know much about computers. I figured I was safe buying from a company like Best Buy, as oposed to eBay. I didnu2019t give it to my son right away, because it was a gift. After he spent a week with it, he felt bad telling me that it was really glitchy and slow, and doesnu2019t operate off of the charge cord (they advertised 7 hour battery life) and he needs that for school. At that point we contacted Best Buy, a month past purchase, and they informed us of their return policy. I told them, I understand the policy, but this product is defective as purchased. Itu2019s a late 2011 model computer, which means it could be 8 years old, it doesnu2019t take an Apple update because itu2019s too old, when I explained this to them, they said I could get it repaired under warranty. I told them I didnu2019t want to have it repaired, I wanted to return it. I looked online to try to sell it, the same computer that I paid $650 for, was selling for $200-$300. I have tried to contact chase, but they didnu2019t help me, and I contacted consumer affairs. This happened back in October 24, my first contact with them was November 22. This has been an ongoing thing, now I am stuck with the computer, stuck making the payments, and I canu2019t even buy my son a co outer that works. Please help!

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