Best Buy – ESIS – Robert Feivor Bad Geek Car Install, damages, losses poor workmanship Minneapolis, Minnesota!!. Department of InsuranceI tried to settle losses and damages with Best Buys Robert Feivor who turned issue over to ESIS their Insurance and a Jeff Randol. There was an earlier issue on invoice 9123451 installation of a radio deck in the dash at their store 1499 on 7308 S.Olympia Ave. in Tulsa Oklahoma.This issue now involves a different store 221 which is located at 10303 71st in Tulsa Oklahoma, but these are for invoice number 1888246 for the installation of a 4 channel amp and invoice number 1888195 for the installation of component speakers which included a crossover, tweeter and woofer in the front doors.As you can tell these are different dates, different installation done on totally different days which Best Buy tries to confuse the first invoice the only one they addressed and settle with the other invoices and ESIS Best Buys insurance seems to follow suit.Robert

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