I bought a $44.99 Kingston SDRAM DIM 256MB at Best Buy (Tracy, California) last February 27, 2003 with a rebate offer of $25 back. I only recieved $15 chech from their Kingston rebate center. I called Kingston 1-800 number (1800-849-0444) and they said the rebate is listed only for $15. nI called Best Buy but offered no help at all because they said it involves another company. But I told them that they were the one who put the $25 rebate Adds in their Sunday’s sale papers, so at least they should help me one way or another recover my rebate balance. nKingston TechnologiesnRebate Form Offer #: 33903nSKU: 4072504nModel: PC133/256RnRebate: $25n* I only recieved $15 rebate check. nWhat a rip-off! nAaronnFremont, CaliforniaU.S.A.

bestbuy.com Tracy, California U.S.A.


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