NOVEMBER 29, 2002, I to was deceived my Best Buy. The sale paper gave you items for sale. It did list minimum quantities on certain items, however it did not state that you needed to be in line, in the freezing cold at least 2 hours before the store opened to get a ticket for the items in the ad. nI went to the store the day after Thanksgiving to get a few items that Best Buy had for sale, for Christmas presents. I stood in a line for approximately 45 minutes before the store opened. The line was wrapped around the outside of the store. The temperature was 25 degrees. While waiting outside for the store to open,at no time did a sales person tell me that some of the items that are in the paper, they gave out tickets for and they were all accounted as sold before the store opened. nThe line started moving into the store, I had to yell at a person that tryed to take cuts in front of me. I went to the location to where the computers were and proceeded to stand in a line approximately 75 people long. This line was not moving because there was people that needed questions answered, or needed help. Then I heard a manager, someone dressed in a bright blue shirt, tie and tan pants, wearing a santa hat, say to the people if they wanted computers and had other stuff to purchase, they could go to the front of the store and they could check out there also, just let the sales person know what model computer you wanted. nI proceeded to the front of the store, the line seemed shorter. After about 30 minutes and when I was just 20 people away from a cashier, I asked a store employee which line I had to get into to get my computer, and showed her the ad. She told that the line for computers were in the back of the store. I quickly sent a family member back to the computer department and I finished my sale and met them in the back of the store to find that the line was now wrapped around 4 isles and consisted of hundreds of people. I waited in this line for 3 hours to get my computer only to find that I could not purchase it because I did not get one of the lucky tickets 2 hours before the store opened. nALSnLivonia, Michigan

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