My wife and I attempted to exchange an incorrect sized I-Pad case that I purchased for Christmas. We were told that they had changed their return policy, six months previous to Christmas, and although I had purchased it less than 30 days ago, it was now too late to exchange the item. After an unsettling discussion with an egotistical assistant manager, ( my Wife was so upset she had to leave the building ) he made it clear, that we were stuck with an I-Pad case we could never use. After telling him what I thought of this policy, I left the building and spent the next 45 minutes on the phone with Customer Service. An attentive and courteous Laura provided me with a return authorization number, and advised me to return to the store, present the number she provided, and complete the exchange. When I did this, I was met by another wanna-be manager, who unbelievably, also refused the exchange. By this time, we had used up a considerable amount of patience and two hours. I called customer service back and the new case handler Jordan, explained, contrary to the first lady I talked to, that he was powerless to help me. This new ‘Return Policy’ contradicts Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Act Laws. The law clearly states that if a Customer anticipates continuity between stores, as it relates to return policies, any exceptions MUST be posted clearly and in an obvious location, on the cash register, available for the consumer to read and consider, BEFORE the transaction. This was not the case, and the only reference to this new cash grab policy was on the reciept, AFTER the transaction had been completed. This is clearly consumer deception, nothing less, and besides upsetting my Wife and I tremendously, it is at the very least an unethical practice, perpetrated against the already suffering consumers. These predatory practices convince me of what I had already suspected about Best Buy. They have been in court for deceptive practices before, this is just the latest ‘scheme” and once again

as is the tradition

the management team is on board. Never Again! Mike Palm Bay Florida”

Melbourne, Florida USA