Best Buy, Reno, NV. Not only worst customer service ever, but they knowingly sell paying customers items that have been returned as deffective! They peel off the return stickers and sell them knowing there’s something wrong with them!You can’t file any sort of complaint and feel assured that it will be addressed as should be!Just this last Friday, November 11th 2011, I went through such a hassle for four hours! All because I simply needed a battery charger and a USB cord!I got at the Best Buy on S. Virginia St. at approximately 11:30. I approached a woman working there and asked for help with what I needed. She simply replied to me that she would not help me, because she wouldn’t have a clue of what it was that I needed. She sent me to the Camera department.I went to the camera department, there were two employees there. Each one of them were helping out one customer each.They clearly saw me waiting there patiently for them the finish so they could assist me next. As soon as one of them was done with his customer, he walked away and never came back. So I thought that the other guy that was still there would help me next.Then, the last employee that was there walked his customer to the register. I observed him as he did this. Then he had the audacity to help out this other lady as she was walking in to the store! I HAD ALREADY BEEN WAITING FOR APPROXIMATELY 20 MINUTES ON ASSISTANCE! They did that on purpose!So at this point, I’ve been in the store 20 minutes, three employees have neglected me assistance. So, what I decided to do was just go home and look up the things I needed on BestBuy’s website.I called in, spoke with a Jasmine at customer service. I explained to her what I had just experienced and she assured me that she’d help me and that my item would be at customer service, and to just go directly to her at Customer Service.I get there, I wait another 10-15 minutes in the customer service line, just to finally speak with her and she doesn’t even have the item out for me! She simply sent me to the Camera Department! DEJAVU!At the camera department, there was an older lady now. She grabbed the item I needed and just sent me off to the register. When asked at the register if I had found everything alright, I began to explain to the cashier that I did have some trouble.This cashier, had the audacity to immediately interrupt me and say, “well… as long as you found everything AT THE END that’s all that matters””. What about all the trouble I had to go through before I found what I needed

due to lack of customer service?!To my surprise

when I get home the charger does not work! When I’m driving back

I realized that this item had been previously returned! It had a return sticker on it that the staff in Best Buy

Reno NV decided to peel off and sell to another customer!As a paying customer