This is the headquarters of the company, which is unknown to their customer service team… or so they say. They do not know who is their CEO is either, neither are they familiar with their own policies, nor are they willing to stand behind what they promised, or compensate for inconvenience or wrong doing… By far, this is the worst chain of stores with unbelievably bad customers service. I guess they are really looking to run this company into the ground. They forced me to buy a gift card to complete an epic 2 day long transaction, promising that I can get a refund if it doesn’t work out (it was suppose to be a gift to my brother) then they said I was too late to ask for a refund and I need to call corporate who said they do not refund gift cards. I talked to 21 people about it, including 2 store managers and every person gave me wrong info or was an utter customer service failure. If they force you to buy a gift card, say you can get a refund and then don’t refund it then it’s a blatant extortion and nobody should get away with it!Do yourself a favor, shop somewhere where they know what they are doing and appreciate their customers, not abuse them!

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