A year a half ago I bought my iPod at a Best Buy. I also purchased a 2-yr replacement plan through them. Just a week ago my iPod was seriously failing. I brought it in to my local (Mission Hills – San Diego) Best Buy and their Geek Squad deemed it bad which entitled me to a new iPod. All good until this point. nI went to make the exchange and was told that I would have to forfeit my new iPod’s USB cable b/c I wasn’t returning the one from my old one (admittedly, I forgot it at home). Anyway, they opened the package and took the USB out. I went home and discovered that I didn’t have a USB cable for the iPod (my earlier iPod only had Firewire cables). So, I couldn’t update my iPod. nThe next day I called them and informed them of such and they told me to come in and they’d get me a new cable provided I brought in my old (Firewire) cable. They also informed me that my old iPod and all that I returned with it (and the forfeited USB cable) was shipped out to Apple the same day I brought it in (as all returns are). At the Customer Service desk I dealt with the same employee who served me the day before (you know, the one who had no idea my iPod wouldn’t work without the USB cable she couldn’t give me). They were about to give me a new USB cable when it was determined that I couldn’t trade a Firewire cable in for a USB cable despite me repeatedly telling them it was all I had. I’m not hoarding USB cables at my house. nI’m just trying to get a complete iPod. And I gave them all I ever got in any iPod package. Kept my end of the deal. So, they tell me I’d have to buy a USB cable, but they’d cut me a discount. What else am I gonna do? I have an iPod that doesn’t work. They give me a Griffin PowerBlock (AC Charger plus USB cord) for $20 (that’s $10 off). I want to make sure it’s as good as the USB cable that was ripped from my box the day before. An employee in the mp3 player dept assures me it’s USB 2.0. nBefore buying the PowerBlock, I figure I’d check with their manager to see if this is the best they could do. The manager, JoAnn, obliged. She told me I was the one in error here. I told her I returned everything I ever received in an iPod box. She said that nothing could be done, not even reducing the price further on the PowerBlock. I thought it’s a sad day when the head of Customer Service can’t provide any. I’m asking for a $10 part here. And I paid $40 for the replacement plan for it. Pathetic. nI buy the PowerBlock and walk dejectedly out of there. Well, of course, the PowerBlock isn’t 2.0. (Doesn’t anybody at Best Buy know anything about their products or Customer Service?) The PowerBlock is USB 1.1. Now my high-tech, brand spanking new iPod is limited to 2001 bandwidth. So I got an accessory I can’t use and an iPod that’s super slow in loading. Thanks, Best Buy for a couple of Mediocre Buys. nI’d like Best Buy to just give what this customer paid for — full replacement of the product. So, I’d like an Apple USB 2.0 cord. I’d also like for them to refund me for the useless PowerBlock. Lastly, empower your Customer Service managers to deal. I’m only asking for a $10 part. Thanks. nBriannSan Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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